grip — захват



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v ru To take hold of, particularly with the hand.
After a few slips, the tires gripped the pavement.
That suitcase is heavy, so grip the handle firmly.
The glue will begin to grip within five minutes.
v ru To help or assist, particularly in an emotional sense.
He grips me.
v ru To do something with another that makes you happy/gives you relief.
Let’s grip
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v ru To trench; to drain.
n ru A hold or way of holding, particularly with the hand.
It's good to have a firm grip when shaking hands.
The ball will move differently depending on the grip used when throwing it.
n ru A handle or other place to grip.
There are several good grips on the northern face of this rock.
the grip of a sword
n ru A visual component on a window etc. enabling it to be resized and/or moved.
n ru (film production) A person responsible for handling equipment on the set.
n ru A channel cut through a grass verge (especially for the purpose of draining water away from the highway).
n ru A lot of something.
That is a grip of cheese.
n ru A long time.
I haven't seen you in a grip.
n ru A small travelling-bag or gripsack.
n ru An apparatus attached to a car for clutching a traction cable.
n ru Assistance; help or encouragement.
He gave me a grip.
n ru A helpful, interesting, admirable, or inspiring person.
You're a real grip.
n ru As much as one can hold in a hand; a handful.
I need to get a grip of nails for my project.
n ru A tenacious grasp; a holding fast.
in the grip of a blackmailer
n ru A device for grasping or holding fast to something.
n ru Influenza, the flu.
n ru A small ditch or trench; a channel to carry off water or other liquid; a drain.
n ru The griffin.

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