good — хороший



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adj ru (of people)
adj ru (of capabilities)
adj ru (properties and qualities)
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adj ru (when with and) Very, extremely. See good and.
The soup is good and hot.
adj ru Holy (especially when capitalized) .
Good Friday
adj ru (of quantities)
inter ru That is good; an elliptical exclamation of satisfaction or commendation.
Good! I can leave now.
adv ru Well; satisfactorily or thoroughly.
The boy done good.
n ru The forces or behaviours that are the enemy of evil. Usually consists of helping others and general benevolence.
n ru A result that is positive in the view of the speaker.
n ru The abstract instantiation of goodness; that which possesses desirable qualities, promotes success, welfare, or happiness, is serviceable, fit, excellent, kind, benevolent, etc.
The best is the enemy of the good.
n ru (usually in the plural) An item of merchandise.
v ru To thrive; fatten; prosper; improve.
v ru To make good; turn to good; improve.
v ru To make improvements or repairs.
v ru To benefit; gain.
v ru To do good to (someone); benefit; cause to improve or gain.
v ru To satisfy; indulge; gratify.
v ru To flatter; congratulate oneself; anticipate.
v ru To furnish with dung; manure; fatten with manure; fertilise.

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