go — идти



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n ru The act of going.
n ru A turn at something, or in something (e.g. a game).
It’s your go.
You’ve been on that pinball machine long enough—now let your brother have a go.
n ru An attempt, a try.
I’ll give it a go.
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n ru An approval or permission to do something, or that which has been approved.
We will begin as soon as the boss says it's a go.
n ru An act; the working or operation.
n ru A circumstance or occurrence; an incident, often unexpected.
n ru The fashion or mode.
quite the go
n ru Noisy merriment.
a high go
n ru A glass of spirits; a quantity of spirits.
n ru Power of going or doing; energy; vitality; perseverance.
There is no go in him.
n ru The situation where a player cannot play a card which will not carry the aggregate count above thirty-one.
n ru A period of activity.
ate it all in one go
n ru (British slang) A dandy; a fashionable person.
v ru To move:
v ru (chiefly of a machine) To work or function (properly); to move or perform (as required).
The engine just won't go anymore.
v ru To start; to begin (an action or process).
Get ready, get set, go!
Here goes nothing.
Let's go and hunt.
On your marks, get set, go!
On your marks, set, go!
v ru To take a turn, especially in a game.
It’s your turn; go.
v ru To attend.
I go to school at the schoolhouse.
She went to Yale.
They only go to church on Christmas.
v ru To proceed:
v ru To follow or travel along (a path):
v ru To extend (from one point in time or space to another).
This property goes all the way to the state line.
v ru To lead (to a place); to give access to.
Does this road go to Fort Smith?
v ru To become. (The adjective that follows usually describes a negative state.)
After failing as a criminal, he decided to go straight.
I went crazy / went mad.
You'll go blind.  The milk went bad.
v ru To assume the obligation or function of; to be, to serve as.
v ru To continuously or habitually be in a state.
I don't want my children to go hungry.
We went barefoot in the summer.
v ru To come to (a certain condition or state).
They went into debt, she goes to sleep around 10 o'clock.
the local shop wants to go digital, and eventually go global.
v ru To change (from one value to another) in the meaning of wend.
The traffic light went straight from green to red.
v ru To turn out, to result; to come to (a certain result).
How did your meeting with Smith go?
v ru To tend (toward a result).
These experiences go to make us stronger.
Well, that goes to show you.
v ru To contribute to a (specified) end product or result.
qualities that go to make a lady / lip-reader / sharpshooter
v ru To pass, to be used up:
v ru To die.
v ru To be discarded.
This chair has got to go.
v ru To be lost or out:
v ru To break down or apart:
v ru To be sold.
Everything must go.
The car went for five thousand dollars.
v ru To be given, especially to be assigned or allotted.
The award went to Steven Spielberg.
The property shall go to my wife.
v ru To survive or get by; to last or persist for a stated length of time.
Can you two go twenty minutes without arguing?!
How long can you go without water?
I've gone ten days now without a cigarette.
We've gone without your help for a while now.
v ru To have a certain record.
The team is going five in a row.
They've gone one for three in this series.
v ru To be authoritative, accepted, or valid:
v ru To say (something), to make a sound:
v ru To be expressed or composed (a certain way).
As the story goes, he got the idea for the song while sitting in traffic.
The tune goes like this.
v ru To resort (to).
I'll go to court if I have to.
v ru To apply or subject oneself to:
v ru To fit (in a place, or together with something):
v ru To date.
He's been going with her for two weeks.
How long having they been going together?
v ru To attack:
v ru To be in general; to be usually.
As sentences go, this one is pretty boring.
v ru To take (a particular part or share); to participate in to the extent of.
Let's go halves on this.
v ru To yield or weigh.
Those babies go five tons apiece.
v ru To offer, bid or bet an amount; to pay.
I'll go a ten-spot.
I'll go you a shilling.
That's as high as I can go.
We could go two fifty.
v ru To enjoy. (Compare go for.)
I could go a beer right about now.
v ru To urinate or defecate.
Have you managed to go today, Mrs. Miggins?
I really need to go.
adj ru Working correctly and ready to commence operation; approved and able to be put into action.
n ru A strategic board game, originally from China, in which two players (black and white) attempt to control the largest area of the board with their counters.

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