gentleman — джентльмен

мужская уборная


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n ru A man of gentle but not noble birth, particularly a man of means (originally ownership of property) who does not work for a living but has no official status in a peerage; an armiferous man ranking below a knight.
Being a gentleman, Robert was entitled to shove other commoners into the gongpit but he still had to jump out of the way of the knights to avoid the same fate himself.
n ru Any well-bred, well-mannered, or charming man.
n ru An effeminate or oversophisticated man.
Well, la-di-da, aren't you just a proper gentleman?
Еще значения (3)
n ru (polite term of address) Any man.
Please escort this gentleman to the gentlemen's room.
n ru (usually historical, sometimes derogatory) An amateur or dabbler in any field, particularly those of independent means.
n ru An amateur player, particularly one whose wealth permits him to forego payment.

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