game — игра

играть в азартные игры


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n ru A playful or competitive activity.
n ru A video game.
n ru (nearly always singular) A field of gainful activity, as an industry or profession.
He's in the securities game somehow.
When it comes to making sales, John is the best in the game.
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n ru Something that resembles a game with rules, despite not being designed.
In the game of life, you may find yourself playing the waiting game far too often.
n ru An exercise simulating warfare, whether computerized or involving human participants.
n ru Wild animals hunted for food.
The forest has plenty of game.
n ru (used mostly of males) The ability to seduce someone, usually by strategy.
He didn't get anywhere with her because he had no game.
n ru Mastery; the ability to excel at something.
n ru A questionable or unethical practice in pursuit of a goal; a scheme.
You want to borrow my credit card for a week? What's your game?
v ru To gamble.
v ru To play card games, board games, or video games.
v ru To exploit loopholes in a system or bureaucracy in a way which defeats or nullifies the spirit of the rules in effect, usually to obtain a result which otherwise would be unobtainable.
We'll bury them in paperwork, and game the system.
v ru (of males) To perform premeditated seduction strategy.
adj ru Willing to participate.
adj ru (of an animal) That shows a tendency to continue to fight against another animal, despite being wounded, often severely.
adj ru Persistent, especially in senses similar to the above.
adj ru Injured, lame (of a limb).

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