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prep ru With the source or provenance of or at.
I got a letter from my brother.
This wine comes from France.
prep ru With the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at.
Face away from the wall!
He had books piled from floor to ceiling.
He left yesterday from Chicago.
prep ru Denoting a subtraction operation.
20 from 31 leaves 11.
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prep ru Beginning at (a point in time).
The program goes from 8 to 10.
prep ru Used to indicate the beginning point on a range or scale.
Rate your pain from 1 to 10.
prep ru Used to indicate a vast array or gamut of conceptual variations.
You can study anything from math to literature.
prep ru Originating at (a year, time, etc.).
This manuscript is from the 1980s.
prep ru With the separation, exclusion, removal or differentiation of.
An umbrella protects from the sun.
He knows right from wrong.
The general was ousted from power.
prep ru With reference to the location of a speaker or observer.
It's hard to tell from here.
prep ru Produced with or out of.
It's made from pure gold.
prep ru Used to indicate causation; because of, as a result of.
Too many people die from breast cancer.
prep ru Used to indicate a source of information or judgement.
You can't get all your news from the Internet.
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