fresh — свежий



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n ru A rush of water, along a river or onto the land; a flood.
n ru A stream or spring of fresh water.
n ru The mingling of fresh water with salt in rivers or bays, as by means of a flood of fresh water flowing toward or into the sea.
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v ru (commercial fishing) To pack (fish) loosely on ice.
v ru To flood or dilute an area of salt water with flowing fresh water.
v ru (of wind) To become stronger.
v ru To rebore the barrel of a rifle or shotgun.
v ru To update.
v ru To freshen up.
v ru To renew.
v ru (of a dairy cow) to give birth to a calf.
adj ru Newly produced or obtained; recent.
He followed the fresh hoofprints to find the deer.
I seem to make fresh mistakes every time I start writing.
With his recent divorce still fresh in his mind, he was unable to concentrate on his work.
adj ru (of food) Not cooked, dried, frozen, or spoiled.
After taking a beating in the boxing ring, the left side of his face looked like fresh meat.
I brought home from the market a nice bunch of fresh spinach leaves straight from the farm.
a glass of fresh milk
adj ru (of plant material) Still green and not dried.
adj ru Invigoratingly cool and refreshing.
What a nice fresh breeze.
adj ru (of water) Without salt; not saline.
After a day at sea it was good to feel the fresh water of the stream.
adj ru Rested; not tired or fatigued.
adj ru In a raw or untried state; uncultured; unpracticed.
a fresh hand on a ship
adj ru Youthful; florid.
adj ru Good, fashionable.
a fresh pair of sneakers
adj ru Tipsy; drunk.
adv ru Recently; just recently; most recently
We are fresh out of milk.
adj ru Rude, cheeky, or inappropriate; presumptuous; disrespectful; forward.
No one liked his fresh comments.
adj ru Sexually aggressive or forward; prone to caress too eagerly; overly flirtatious.
Hey, don't get fresh with me!

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