freeze — замораживание



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v ru Especially of a liquid, to become solid due to low temperature.
The lake froze solid.
v ru To lower something's temperature to the point that it freezes or becomes hard.
Don't freeze meat twice.
v ru To drop to a temperature below zero degrees celsius, where water turns to ice.
It didn't freeze this winter, but last winter was very harsh.
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v ru To be affected by extreme cold.
Don't go outside wearing just a t-shirt; you'll freeze!
It's freezing in here!
v ru (of machines and software) To come to a sudden halt, stop working (functioning).
Since the last update, the program freezes / freezes up after a few minutes of use.
v ru (of people and other animals) To stop (become motionless) or be stopped due to attentiveness, fear, surprise, etc.
Despite all of the rehearsals, I froze up as soon as I got on stage.
v ru To cause someone to become motionless.
v ru To lose or cause to lose warmth of feeling; to shut out; to ostracize.
Over time, he froze towards her, and ceased to react to her friendly advances.
v ru To cause loss of animation or life in, from lack of heat; to give the sensation of cold to; to chill.
v ru To prevent the movement or liquidation of a person's financial assets
The court froze the criminal's bank account.
v ru Of prices, spending etc., to keep at the same level, without any increase.
n ru A period of intensely cold weather.
n ru A halt of a regular operation.
n ru The state when either a single computer program, or the whole system ceases to respond to inputs.
n ru A precise draw weight shot where a delivered stone comes to a stand-still against a stationary stone, making it nearly impossible to knock out.
n ru A block on pay rises or on the hiring of new employees etc.
a hiring freeze; a pay freeze
n ru A kind of coarse woolen cloth or stuff with a shaggy or tufted (friezed) nap on one side.
n ru That part of the entablature of an order which is between the architrave and cornice. It is a flat member or face, either uniform or broken by triglyphs, and often enriched with figures and other ornaments of sculpture.
n ru Any sculptured or richly ornamented band in a building or, by extension, in rich pieces of furniture.
n ru A banner with a series of pictures.
The classroom had an alphabet frieze that showed an animal for each letter.

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