fortune — состояние



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n ru Destiny, especially favorable.
She read my fortune. Apparently I will have a good love life this week, but I will have a bad week for money.
n ru A prediction or set of predictions about a person's future provided by a fortune teller.
n ru A small slip of paper with wise or vaguely prophetic words printed on it, baked into a fortune cookie.
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n ru The arrival of something in a sudden or unexpected manner; chance; accident.
n ru Good luck.
Fortune favors the brave.
n ru One's wealth; the amount of money one has; especially, if it is vast.
He's amassed a small fortune working in the Middle East.
Her fortune is estimated at 3 million dollars.
My vast fortune was a result of inheritance and stock market nous.
n ru A large amount of money.
That car must be worth a fortune! How could you afford it?
v ru To happen, take place.
v ru To provide with a fortune.
v ru To presage; to tell the fortune of.

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