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prep ru Towards; in the direction of.
He was headed for the door when he remembered.
Run for the hills!
The astronauts headed for the moon.
prep ru Directed at; intended to belong to.
I have something for you.
prep ru In order to help, benefit, gratify, honor etc. (someone or something).
Everything I do, I do for you.
The mayor gave a speech for the charity gala.
We're having a birthday party for Janet.
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prep ru To be used or treated in a stated way, or with a stated purpose.
The cake is for Tom and Helen's anniversary.
These apples here are for eating. The rest are for throwing away.
This is a new bell for my bicycle.
prep ru Supporting, in favour of; : wanting
All those for the motion raise your hands.
I'm for going by train
Ten voted for, and three against.
Who's for ice-cream?
prep ru Because of.
He looks better for having lost weight.
He wouldn't apologize; and just for that, she refused to help him.
I like her for lots of reasons.
She was the worse for drink.
prep ru Intended to cure, remove or counteract; in order to cure, remove or counteract.
I need to spray my house for termites.
This medicine is for your cough.
prep ru Over (a period of time).
I've lived here for three years.
They fought for days over a silly pencil.
prep ru Throughout or across (a distance in space).
I can see for miles.
prep ru On behalf of.
I speak for the Prime Minister.
I will stand in for him.
prep ru In the role or capacity of; instead of; in place of.
He's got a turnip for a brain.
I used a hay bale for a bed.
prep ru In exchange for; in correspondence or equivalence with.
He matched me blow for blow.
I got five hundred pounds for that old car!
prep ru In order to obtain or acquire.
Can you go to the store for some eggs?
Do you want to go for coffee?
Don't wait for an answer.
He's going for his doctorate.
I am aiming for completion by the end of business Thursday.
I'm saving up for a car.
People all over Greece looked to Delphi for answers.
What did he ask you for?
prep ru By the standards of, usually with the implication of those standards being lower than one might otherwise expect.
Fair for its day.
She's spry for an old lady.
prep ru To be, or as being.
Don't take me for a fool.
prep ru (usually in the phrase 'for all') Despite, in spite of.
For all his expensive education, he didn't seem very bright.
prep ru Used to indicate the subject of a to-infinitive.
All I want is for you to be happy.
For that to happen now is incredibly unlikely.
prep ru Indicating something desired or anticipated.
Ah! for wings to soar …
And now for a slap-up meal!
O for the wings of a dove.
prep ru (in expressions such as 'for a start') Introducing the first item(s) in a potential sequence.
Go scuba diving? For one thing, I can't even swim.
prep ru (with names) In honor of; after.
He is named for his grandfather.
prep ru Due or facing (a certain outcome or fate).
He totally screwed up that project. Now he's surely for the sack.
prep ru Out of; used to indicate a fraction, a ratio
In term of base hits, Jones was three for four on the day
prep ru Used as part of a score to indicate the number of wickets that have fallen.
At close of play, England were 305 for 3.
prep ru Indicating that in prevention of which, or through fear of which, anything is done.
prep ru Used in various more-or-less idiomatic ways to construe individual verbs, indicating various semantic relationships such as target, purpose, result, etc.; see also the entries for individual phrasal verbs, e.g. ask for, look for, pay for, stand for, etc.
to account for one's whereabouts    to care for a relative    to settle for second best    to allow for mistakes
conj ru Because, as, since.
I had to stay with my wicked stepmother, for I had nowhere else to go.
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