flesh — плоть

мякоть плода
сырое мясо


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n ru The soft tissue of the body, especially muscle and fat.
n ru The skin of a human or animal.
n ru (by extension) Bare arms, bare legs, bare torso.
Еще значения (14)
n ru Animal tissue regarded as food; meat (but sometimes excluding fish).
n ru The human body as a physical entity.
n ru The mortal body of a human being, contrasted with the spirit or soul.
n ru The evil and corrupting principle working in man.
n ru The soft, often edible, parts of fruits or vegetables.
n ru Tenderness of feeling; gentleness.
n ru Kindred; stock; race.
n ru A yellowish pink colour; the colour of some Caucasian human skin.
v ru To reward (a hound, bird of prey etc.) with flesh of the animal killed, to excite it for further hunting; to train (an animal) to have an appetite for flesh.
v ru To bury (something, especially a weapon) in flesh.
v ru To inure or habituate someone in or to a given practice.
v ru To glut.
v ru To put flesh on; to fatten.
v ru To remove the flesh from the skin during the making of leather.

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