female — женщина

женская особь
женского пола


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n ru One of the female (feminine) sex or gender.
adj ru Belonging to the sex which typically produces eggs (ova), or to the gender which is typically associated with it.
female authors, the leading male and female artists, a female bird cooing at a male, intersex female patients, a trans female vlogger
adj ru Characteristic of this sex/gender. (Compare feminine, womanly.)
stereotypically female pastimes, an insect with typically female coloration
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adj ru Tending to lead to or regulate the development of sexual characteristics typical of this sex.
the female chromosome;   estrogen, the primary female sex hormone, is produced by both females and males
adj ru (grammar, less common than 'feminine') Feminine; of the feminine grammatical gender.
adj ru Having an internal socket, as in a connector or pipe fitting.

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