felt — войлок

валять шерсть


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n ru A cloth or stuff made of matted fibres of wool, or wool and fur, fulled or wrought into a compact substance by rolling and pressure, with lees or size, without spinning or weaving.
n ru A hat made of felt.
n ru A skin or hide; a fell; a pelt.
Еще значения (10)
v ru To make into felt, or a feltlike substance; to cause to adhere and mat together.
v ru To cover with, or as if with, felt.
to felt the cylinder of a steam engine
v ru To cause a player to lose all their chips.
v ru (heading) To use or experience the sense of touch.
v ru (heading) To sense or think emotionally or judgmentally.
v ru To be or become aware of.
v ru To experience the consequences of.
Feel my wrath!
v ru To seem (through touch or otherwise).
It looks like wood, but it feels more like plastic.
This is supposed to be a party, but it feels more like a funeral!
v ru To understand.
I don't want you back here, ya feel me?
adj ru That has been experienced or perceived.

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