feel — ощущение



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n ru A quality of an object experienced by touch.
Bark has a rough feel.
n ru A vague mental impression.
You should get a feel of the area before moving in.
n ru An act of fondling.
She gave me a quick feel to show that she loves me.
Еще значения (12)
n ru A vague understanding.
I'm getting a feel for what you mean.
n ru An intuitive ability.
She has a feel for music.
n ru Alternative form of feeling.
I know that feel.
v ru (heading) To use or experience the sense of touch.
v ru (heading) To sense or think emotionally or judgmentally.
v ru To be or become aware of.
v ru To experience the consequences of.
Feel my wrath!
v ru To seem (through touch or otherwise).
It looks like wood, but it feels more like plastic.
This is supposed to be a party, but it feels more like a funeral!
v ru To understand.
I don't want you back here, ya feel me?
adj ru Much; many.
adv ru Greatly, much, very
For they bring in the substance of the Beere / That they drinken feele too good chepe, not dere. ― Hakluyts Voyages.
pron ru Many (of).

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