favorite — любимый

любимая вещь


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n ru A person or thing who enjoys special regard or favour.
The teacher's favourite always went first.
n ru A person who is preferred or trusted above all others.
n ru A contestant or competitor thought most likely to win.
She's the favourite, she'll probably be elected.
You were my favourite to win the spelling competition.
Еще значения (7)
n ru A bookmark in a web browser.
n ru (in the plural) A short curl dangling over the temples, fashionable in the reign of Charles II.
v ru To favour.
v ru To bookmark.
v ru To add to one's list of favourite items on a website that allows users to compile such lists.
adj ru Preferred or liked above all others (unless qualified).
This is my second favourite occupation.
adj ru Belonging to a category whose members are all preferred or liked over nonmembers.
I just saw a movie with all my favourite actors in it.

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