far — далекий

большое расстояние


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adj ru Distant; remote in space.
He went to a far land.
adj ru Remote in time.
the far future
adj ru Long.
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adj ru More remote of two.
He moved to the far end of the state. She remained at this end.
See those two mountains? The ogre lives on the far one.
adj ru Extreme, as measured from some central or neutral position.
They are on the far right on this issue.
adj ru Extreme, as a difference in nature or quality.
adj ru Outside the currently selected segment in a segmented memory architecture.
far heap; far memory; far pointer
adv ru To, from or over a great distance in space, time or other extent.
He built a time machine and travelled far into the future.
Over time, his views moved far away from mine.
You have all come far and you will go farther.
adv ru Very much; by a great amount.
He was far richer than we'd thought.
I saw a tiny figure far below me.
The expense far exceeds what I expected.
n ru Spelt (a type of wheat, Triticum spelta), especially in the context of Roman use of it.
n ru A litter of piglets; a farrow.

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