explore — исследовать



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n ru An exploration; a tour of a place to see what it is like.
v ru To seek for something or after someone.
v ru To examine or investigate something systematically.
The committee has been exploring alternative solutions to the problem at hand.
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v ru To travel somewhere in search of discovery.
It was around that time that the expedition began exploring the Arctic Circle.
v ru To examine diagnostically.
v ru To (seek) experience first hand.
It is normal for a boy of this age to be exploring his sexuality.
v ru To be engaged exploring in any of the above senses.
He was too busy exploring to notice his son needed his guidance.
v ru To wander without any particular aim or purpose.
The boys explored all around till cold and hunger drove them back to the campfire one by one.
v ru To seek sexual variety, to sow one's wild oats.

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