exciting — захватывающий



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v ru To stir the emotions of.
The fireworks which opened the festivities excited anyone present.
v ru To arouse or bring out (e.g. feelings); to stimulate.
Favoritism tends to excite jealousy in the ones not being favored.
The political reforms excited unrest among the population.
There are drugs designed to excite certain nerves in our body.
v ru To cause an electron to move to a higher than normal state; to promote an electron to an outer level.
By applying electric potential to the neon atoms, the electrons become excited, then emit a photon when returning to normal.
Еще значения (3)
v ru To energize (an electromagnet); to produce a magnetic field in.
to excite a dynamo
n ru The process of something becoming excited; excitation.
adj ru Creating or producing excitement

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