event — событие



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n ru An occurrence; something that happens.
n ru A prearranged social activity (function, etc.)
I went to an event in San Francisco last week.
Where will the event be held?
n ru One of several contests that combine to make up a competition.
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n ru An end result; an outcome (now chiefly in phrases).
In the event, he turned out to have what I needed anyway.
n ru A point in spacetime having three spatial coordinates and one temporal coordinate.
n ru A possible action that the user can perform that is monitored by an application or the operating system (event listener). When an event occurs an event handler is called which performs a specific task.
n ru A set of some of the possible outcomes; a subset of the sample space.
n ru An affair in hand; business; enterprise.
n ru An episode of severe health conditions.
v ru To occur, take place.
v ru To be emitted or breathed out; to evaporate.
v ru To expose to the air, ventilate.

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