evening — вечер

закат жизни


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n ru The time of the day between dusk and night, when it gets dark.
n ru The time of the day between the approximate time of midwinter dusk and midnight (compare afternoon); the period after the end of regular office working hours.
n ru A concluding time period; a point in time near the end of something; the beginning of the end of something.
It was the evening of the Roman Empire.
Еще значения (8)
n ru A party or gathering held in the evening.
v ru To make flat and level.
We need to even this playing field; the west goal is too low.
v ru To equal.
v ru To be equal.
Thrice nine evens twenty seven.
v ru To place in an equal state, as to obligation, or in a state in which nothing is due on either side; to balance, as accounts; to make quits.
We need to even the score.
v ru To set right; to complete.
v ru To act up to; to keep pace with.
v ru To occur; to happen; to come to pass.

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