engine — двигатель



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n ru A large construction used in warfare, such as a battering ram, catapult etc.
n ru A tool; a utensil or implement.
n ru A complex mechanical device which converts energy into useful motion or physical effects.
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n ru A person or group of people which influence a larger group; a driving force.
n ru The part of a car or other vehicle which provides the force for motion, now especially one powered by internal combustion.
n ru A self-powered vehicle, especially a locomotive, used for pulling cars along a track.
n ru A software or hardware system responsible for a specific technical task (usually with qualifying word).
a graphics engine
a physics engine
n ru Ingenuity; cunning, trickery, guile.
n ru The result of cunning; something ingenious, a contrivance; (in negative senses) a plot, a scheme.
n ru Natural talent; genius.
n ru Anything used to effect a purpose; any device or contrivance; an agent.
v ru To equip with an engine; said especially of steam vessels.
Vessels are often built by one firm and engined by another.
v ru To assault with an engine.
v ru To contrive; to put into action.
v ru To rack; to torture.

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