embrace — объятие



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n ru An act of putting arms around someone and bringing the person close to the chest; a hug.
n ru An enclosure partially or fully surrounding someone or something.
n ru Full acceptance (of something).
Еще значения (9)
n ru An act of enfolding or including.
v ru To clasp (someone or each other) in the arms with affection; to take in the arms; to hug.
v ru To seize (something) eagerly or with alacrity; to accept or take up with cordiality; to welcome.
I wholeheartedly embrace the new legislation.
v ru To submit to; to undergo.
v ru To encircle; to enclose, to encompass.
v ru To enfold, to include (ideas, principles, etc.); to encompass.
Natural philosophy embraces many sciences.
v ru To fasten on, as armour.
v ru To accept (someone) as a friend; to accept (someone's) help gladly.
v ru To attempt to influence (a court, jury, etc.) corruptly; to practise embracery.

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