edge — край



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n ru The boundary line of a surface.
n ru A one-dimensional face of a polytope. In particular, the joining line between two vertices of a polygon; the place where two faces of a polyhedron meet.
n ru An advantage.
I have the edge on him.
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n ru The thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument, such as an ax, knife, sword, or scythe; that which cuts as an edge does, or wounds deeply, etc.
n ru A sharp terminating border; a margin; a brink; an extreme verge.
He is standing on the edge of a precipice.
The cup is right on the edge of the table.
n ru Sharpness; readiness or fitness to cut; keenness; intenseness of desire.
n ru The border or part adjacent to the line of division; the beginning or early part (of a period of time)
in the edge of evening
n ru A shot where the ball comes off the edge of the bat, often unintentionally.
n ru A connected pair of vertices in a graph.
n ru In male masturbation, a level of sexual arousal that is maintained just short of reaching the point of inevitability, or climax; see also edging.
v ru To move an object slowly and carefully in a particular direction.
He edged the book across the table.
v ru To move slowly and carefully in a particular direction.
He edged away from her.
v ru (usually in the form 'just edge') To win by a small margin.
v ru To hit the ball with an edge of the bat, causing a fine deflection.
v ru To trim the margin of a lawn where the grass meets the sidewalk, usually with an electric or gas-powered lawn edger.
v ru To furnish with an edge; to construct an edging.
v ru To furnish with an edge, as a tool or weapon; to sharpen.
v ru To make sharp or keen; to incite; to exasperate; to goad; to urge or egg on.
v ru To delay one's orgasm so as to remain almost at the point of orgasm.

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