ease — простота



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n ru Ability, the means to do something, particularly:
n ru Comfort, a state or quality lacking unpleasantness, particularly:
n ru Relief, an end to discomfort, particularly:
Еще значения (10)
n ru A convenience; a luxury.
n ru A relief; an easement.
v ru To free (something) from pain, worry, agitation, etc.
He eased his conscience by confessing.
v ru To alleviate, assuage or lessen (pain).
He loosened his shoe to ease the pain.
v ru To give respite to (someone).
The provision of extra staff eased their workload.
v ru To loosen or slacken the tension on a line.
We eased the boom vang, then lowered the sail.
v ru To reduce the difficulty of (something).
We had to ease the entry requirements.
v ru To move (something) slowly and carefully.
He eased the cork from the bottle.
v ru To lessen in severity.
The pain eased overnight.
v ru To proceed with little effort.
The car eased onto the motorway.

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