e-mail — электронная почта



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n ru A system for transferring messages from one computer to another, usually through a network.
He sent me his details via email.
The advent of email has simultaneously brought our society closer together and farther apart.
n ru A quantity of messages sent through an email system.
I am searching through my old email.
My inbox used to allow only 50 MB of email at a time until last year, when they upgraded it to 2 GBs!
n ru A message sent through an email system.
He sent me an email last week to remind me about the meeting.
I archive my old emails using a cloud-based service.
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n ru An email address.
Don’t send personal messages to my work email.
What’s your email?
v ru To send an email or emails to.
She emailed me last week, asking about the status of the project.
v ru (may take two objects) To send (something) through email.
He emailed the file out to everyone.
I’ll email you the link.
v ru To send, or compose and send, an email or emails.
Most teenagers seem to spend almost the whole day emailing and surfing the Web.
n ru Enamel.

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