dust — пыль

презренный металл


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n ru Fine particles
n ru The act of cleaning by dusting.
n ru The earth, as the resting place of the dead.
Other definitions (13)
n ru The earthy remains of bodies once alive; the remains of the human body.
n ru Something worthless.
n ru A low or mean condition.
n ru Cash; money (in reference to gold dust).
n ru A disturbance or uproar.
to raise, or kick up, a dust
n ru A totally disconnected set of points with a fractal structure.
v ru To remove dust from.
The cleaning lady needs a stool to dust the cupboard.
v ru To remove dust; to clean by removing dust.
Dusting always makes me cough.
v ru Of a bird, to cover itself in sand or dry, dusty earth.
v ru To spray or cover something with fine powder or liquid.
The mother dusted her baby's bum with talcum powder.
v ru To leave; to rush off.
v ru To reduce to a fine powder; to levigate.
v ru To kill or severely disable.

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