dry — сухой



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n ru The process by which something is dried.
This towel is still damp: I think it needs another dry.
n ru A prohibitionist (of alcoholic beverages).
n ru (with "the") The dry season.
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n ru An area of waterless country.
n ru (UK politics) A radical or hard-line Conservative; especially, one who supported the policies of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.
v ru To lose moisture.
The clothes dried on the line.
v ru To remove moisture from.
Devin dried her eyes with a handkerchief.
v ru To be thirsty.
v ru To exhaust; to cause to run dry.
v ru For an actor to forget his or her lines while performing.
adj ru Free from or lacking moisture.
This towel's dry. Could you wet it and cover the chicken so it doesn't go dry as it cooks?
adj ru Unable to produce a liquid, as water, oil, or (farming) milk.
This well is as dry as that cow.
adj ru Built without or lacking mortar.
adj ru Anhydrous: free from or lacking water in any state, regardless of the presence of other liquids.
Dry alcohol is 200 proof.
adj ru Athirst, eager.
adj ru Free from or lacking alcohol or alcoholic beverages.
Of course it's a dry house. He was an alcoholic but he's been dry for almost a year now.
adj ru Describing an area where sales of alcoholic or strong alcoholic beverages are banned.
You'll have to drive out of this dry county to find any liquor.
adj ru Free from or lacking embellishment or sweetness, particularly:
adj ru (somewhat derogatory) Involving computations rather than work with biological or chemical matter.
adj ru (of a sound recording) Free from applied audio effects.
adj ru Without a usual complement or consummation; impotent.
never dry fire a bow; dry humping her girlfriend; making a dry run
adj ru Of a mass, service, or rite: involving neither consecration nor communion.

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