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n ru A negative aspect; a downer.
I love almost everything about my job. The only down is that I can't take Saturdays off.
n ru A grudge (on someone).
n ru An act of swallowing an entire drink at once.
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n ru A single play, from the time the ball is snapped (the start) to the time the whistle is blown (the end) when the ball is down, or is downed.
I bet after the third down, the kicker will replace the quarterback on the field.
n ru (crosswords) A clue whose solution runs vertically in the grid.
I haven't solved 12 or 13 across, but I've got most of the downs.
n ru A downstairs room of a two-story house.
She lives in a two-up two-down.
n ru Down payment.
v ru To knock (someone or something) down; to cause to come down, to fell.
A single rifle shot downed the mighty beast.
The storm downed several old trees along the highway.
v ru To lower; to put (something) down.
The bell rang for lunch, and the workers downed their tools.
v ru To defeat; to overpower.
v ru To disparage, to put down.
v ru To go or come down; to descend.
v ru To drink or swallow, especially without stopping before the vessel containing the liquid is empty.
He downed an ale and ordered another.
v ru To render (the ball) dead, typically by touching the ground while in possession.
He downed it at the seven-yard line.
v ru (pocket billiards) To sink (a ball) into a hole or pocket.
He downed two balls on the break.
adj ru Sad, unhappy, depressed, feeling low.
Mary seems very down since she split up with her boyfriend.
adj ru (normally in the combination 'down with') Sick or ill.
He is down with the flu.
adj ru At a lower level than before.
Prices are down.
The stock market is down.
adj ru Having a lower score than an opponent.
At 5–1 down, she produced a great comeback to win the set on a tiebreak.
He was down by a bishop and a pawn after 15 moves.
They are down by 3–0 with just 5 minutes to play.
adj ru (following the noun modified) Out.
Two down and one to go in the bottom of the ninth.
adj ru (with "on") Negative about, hostile to.
Ever since Nixon, I've been down on Republicans.
adj ru Comfortable with, accepting of, approachable.
Are you down to hang out at the mall, Jamal?
As long as you're down with helping me pick a phone, Tyrone.
He's chill enough; he'd probably be totally down with it.
adj ru Inoperable; out of order; out of service.
The system is down.
adj ru Finished (of a task); defeated or dealt with (of an opponent or obstacle); elapsed (of time). Often coupled with to go (remaining).
Ten minutes down and nothing's happened yet.
Two down and three to go.
adj ru (police, of a person) Wounded and unable to move normally, or killed.
There are three soldiers down and one walking wounded.
We have an officer down outside the suspect's house.
adj ru (of an aircraft) Mechanically failed, collided, shot down, or otherwise suddenly unable to fly.
We have a chopper down near the river.
adj ru Thoroughly practiced, learned or memorised; mastered. (Compare down pat.)
It's two weeks until opening night and our lines are still not down yet.
adj ru Downright; absolute; positive.
adj ru Accepted or respected, especially in the black or thug community.
What you mean, 'No'? Man, I thought you was down.
adj ru Facing downwards.
adv ru From a higher position to a lower one; downwards.
The cat jumped down from the table.
adv ru At a lower or further place or position along a set path.
His place is farther down the road.
The company was well down the path to bankruptcy.
adv ru South (as south is at the bottom of typical maps).
I went down to Miami for a conference.
adv ru Away from the city (regardless of direction).
He went down to Cavan.
down country
down on the farm
adv ru At or towards any place that is visualised as 'down' by virtue of local features or local convention, or arbitrarily, irrespective of direction or elevation change.
She lives down by the park.
adv ru Towards the opponent's side (in ball-sports).
adv ru Into a state of non-operation.
The computer has been shut down.
They closed the shop down.
adv ru To a subordinate or less prestigious position or rank.
After the incident, Kelly went down to Second Lieutenant.
Smith was sent down to the minors to work on his batting.
adv ru In the direction leading away from the principal terminus, away from milepost zero.
adv ru (sentence substitute) Get down.
Down, boy!
adv ru (academia) Away from Oxford or Cambridge.
He's gone back down to Newcastle for Christmas.
adv ru From a remoter or higher antiquity.
These traditions have been handed down over generations.
adv ru So as to lessen quantity, level or intensity.
Please turn the music down!
You need to tone down the rhetoric.
adv ru So as to reduce size, weight or volume.
Boil the mixture down to a syrupy consistency.
Thanks to my strict diet, I've slimmed down to eleven stone.
Trim the stick down to a length of about twelve inches.
adv ru From less to greater detail.
This spreadsheet lets you drill down to daily or even hourly sales figures.
adv ru So as to secure or compress something to the floor, ground, or other (usually horizontal) surface.
We need to nail down this carpet so people don't keep tripping over it.
adv ru (intensifier) Used with verbs to add emphasis to the action of the verb.
They tamped the asphalt to get a better bond.
adv ru Used with verbs to indicate that the action of the verb was carried to some state of completion, rather than being of indefinite duration.
He boiled the mixture. / He boiled down the mixture.
He sat waiting. / He sat down and waited.
prep ru From the higher end to the lower of.
The ball rolled down the hill.
prep ru From nouth to south of.
We sailed down the eastern seaboard.
prep ru From one end to another of (in any direction); along.
The bus went down the street.
They walked down the beach holding hands.
prep ru At (a given place that is seen as removed from one's present location or other point of reference).
I'll see you later down the pub.
n ru (especially southern England) A hill, especially a chalk hill; rolling grassland
The North Downs are a ridge of chalk hills in south east England.
We went for a walk over the downs.
n ru (usually in the plural) A field, especially one used for horse racing.
n ru (chiefly in the plural) A tract of poor, sandy, undulating or hilly land near the sea, covered with fine turf which serves chiefly for the grazing of sheep.
n ru Soft, fluffy immature feathers which grow on young birds. Used as insulating material in duvets, sleeping bags and jackets.
n ru The pubescence of plants; the hairy crown or envelope of the seeds of certain plants, such as the thistle.
n ru The soft hair of the face when beginning to appear.
n ru That which is made of down, as a bed or pillow; that which affords ease and repose, like a bed of down.
v ru To cover, ornament, line, or stuff with down.

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