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v ru (auxiliary) A syntactic marker.
v ru To perform; to execute.
All you ever do is surf the Internet. What will you do this afternoon?
v ru To cause, make (someone) (do something).
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v ru To suffice.
it’s not the best broom, but it will have to do;  this will do me, thanks.
v ru To be reasonable or acceptable.
It simply will not do to have dozens of children running around such a quiet event.
v ru (ditransitive) To have (as an effect).
The fresh air did him some good.
v ru To fare, perform (well or poorly).
Our relationship isn't doing very well;  how do you do?
v ru (chiefly in questions) To have as one's job.
What does Bob do? — He's a plumber.
v ru To perform the tasks or actions associated with (something).
"Don't forget to do your report" means something quite different depending on whether you're a student or a programmer.
v ru To cook.
I'll just do some eggs.
v ru To travel in, to tour, to make a circuit of.
Let’s do New York also.
v ru To treat in a certain way.
v ru To work for or on, by way of caring for, looking after, preparing, cleaning, keeping in order, etc.
v ru To act or behave in a certain manner; to conduct oneself.
v ru To spend (time) in jail. (See also do time)
I did five years for armed robbery.
v ru To impersonate or depict.
They really laughed when he did Clinton, with a perfect accent and a leer.
v ru (with 'a' and the name of a person, place, event, etc.) To copy or emulate the actions or behaviour that is associated with the person or thing mentioned.
He did a Henry VIII and got married six times.
v ru To kill.
v ru To deal with for good and all; to finish up; to undo; to ruin; to do for.
v ru To punish for a misdemeanor.
He got done for speeding.
Teacher'll do you for that!
v ru To have sex with. (See also do it)
v ru To cheat or swindle.
That guy just did me out of two hundred bucks!
v ru To convert into a certain form; especially, to translate.
the novel has just been done into English;  I'm going to do this play into a movie
v ru To finish.
v ru To work as a domestic servant (with for).
v ru (auxiliary) Used to form the present progressive of verbs.
v ru To cash or to advance money for, as a bill or note.
v ru (ditransitive) To make or provide.
Could you do me a burger with mayonnaise instead of ketchup?
Do they do haircuts there?
v ru To injure (one's own body part).
v ru To take drugs.
I do cocaine.
v ru (in the form be doing [somewhere]) To exist with a purpose or for a reason.
What's that car doing in our swimming pool?
adj ru (of food) Ready, fully cooked.
As soon as the potatoes are done we can sit down and eat.
adj ru Having completed or finished an activity.
He pushed his empty plate away, sighed and pronounced "I am done."
They were done playing and were picking up the toys when he arrived.
adj ru Being exhausted or fully spent.
When the water is done we will only be able to go on for a few days.
adj ru Without hope or prospect of completion or success.
He is done, after three falls there is no chance he will be able to finish.
adj ru Fashionable, socially acceptable, tasteful.
I can't believe he just walked up and spoke to her like that, those kind of things just aren't done!
What is the done thing these days? I can't keep up!
n ru A synthetic opioid analgesic, used to wean addicts off heroin or other opiate based narcotics, and in chronic pain management.

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