divorce — развод

расторжение брака


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n ru The legal dissolution of a marriage.
Richard obtained a divorce from his wife some years ago, but hasn't returned to the dating scene.
n ru A separation of connected things.
The Civil War split between Virginia and West Virginia was a divorce based along cultural and economic as well as geographic lines.
n ru That which separates.
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v ru To legally dissolve a marriage between two people.
A ship captain can marry couples, but cannot divorce them.
v ru To end one's own marriage to (a person) in this way.
Lucy divorced Steve when she discovered that he had been unfaithful.
v ru To obtain a legal divorce.
Edna and Simon divorced last year; he got the house, and she retained the business.
v ru To separate something that was connected.
The radical group voted to divorce itself from the main faction and start an independent movement.

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