diet — диета

режим питания
держать на диете


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n ru The food and beverage a person or animal consumes.
The diet of the Giant Panda consists mainly of bamboo.
n ru A controlled regimen of food and drink, as to gain or lose weight or otherwise influence health.
n ru (by extension) Any habitual intake or consumption.
He's been reading a steady diet of nonfiction for the last several years.
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adj ru (of a food or beverage) Containing less fat, salt, sugar, or calories than normal, or claimed to have such.
diet soda
adj ru Having certain traits subtracted.
You folks reduce it to the bible only as being authoritative, impoverishing the faith. "Christianity Lite", diet Christianity for those who can't handle the Whole Meal.
v ru To regulate the food of (someone); to put on a diet.
v ru To modify one's food and beverage intake so as to decrease or increase body weight or influence health.
I've been dieting for six months, and have lost some weight.
v ru To eat; to take one's meals.
v ru To cause to take food; to feed.
n ru (usually capitalized as a proper noun) A council or assembly of leaders; a formal deliberative assembly.
They were given representation of some important diet committees.
n ru A session of exams
n ru The proceedings under a criminal libel.
n ru A clerical or ecclesiastical function in Scotland.
a diet of worship

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