design — дизайн



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n ru A specification of an object or process, referring to requirements to be satisfied and thus conditions to be met for them to solve a problem.
n ru A plan (with more or less detail) for the structure and functions of an artifact, building or system.
n ru A pattern, as an element of a work of art or architecture.
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n ru The composition of a work of art.
n ru Intention or plot.
To be hateful of the truth by design.
n ru The shape or appearance given to an object, especially one that is intended to make it more attractive.
n ru The art of designing
Danish furniture design is world-famous.
v ru To plan and carry out (a picture, work of art, construction etc.).
v ru To plan (to do something).
The king designed to mount an expedition to the New World.
v ru To assign, appoint (something to someone); to designate.
v ru To mark out and exhibit; to designate; to indicate; to show; to point out; to appoint.
v ru To manifest requirements to be satisfied by an object or process for them to solve a problem.
The client had me create new designs until they were satisfied with one.

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