dependent — зависимый



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n ru One who relies on another for support
With two children and an ailing mother, she had three dependents in all.
n ru (grammar) An element in phrase or clause structure that is not the head. Includes complements, modifiers and determiners.
n ru (grammar) The aorist subjunctive or subjunctive perfective: a form of a verb not used independently but preceded by a particle to form the negative or a tense form. Found in Greek and in the Gaelic languages.
Other definitions (5)
adj ru Relying upon; depending upon.
At that point I was dependent on financial aid for my tuition.
adj ru Having a probability that is affected by the outcome of a separate event.
adj ru (of Scottish Gaelic, Manx and Irish verb forms) Used in questions, negative sentences and after certain particles and prepositions.
adj ru Affecting the lower part of the body, such as the legs while standing up, or the back while supine.
adj ru Hanging down.
a dependent bough or leaf

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