cry — крик



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n ru A shedding of tears; the act of crying.
After we broke up, I retreated to my room for a good cry.
n ru A shout or scream.
I heard a cry from afar.
n ru Words shouted or screamed.
a battle cry
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n ru A clamour or outcry.
n ru A group of hounds.
n ru (by extension) A pack or company of people.
n ru (of an animal) A typical sound made by the species in question.
"Woof" is the cry of a dog, while "neigh" is the cry of a horse.
n ru A desperate or urgent request.
n ru Common report; gossip.
v ru To shed tears; to weep.
That sad movie always makes me cry.
v ru To utter loudly; to call out; to declare publicly.
v ru To shout, scream, yell.
v ru To utter inarticulate sounds, as animals do.
v ru To cause to do something, or bring to some state, by crying or weeping.
Tonight I'll cry myself to sleep.
v ru To make oral and public proclamation of; to notify or advertise by outcry, especially things lost or found, goods to be sold, etc.
to cry goods
v ru Hence, to publish the banns of, as for marriage.

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