creep — ползучесть

донный трал


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v ru To move slowly with the abdomen close to the ground.
v ru Of plants, to grow across a surface rather than upwards.
v ru To move slowly and quietly in a particular direction.
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v ru To make small gradual changes, usually in a particular direction.
v ru To move in a stealthy or secret manner; to move imperceptibly or clandestinely; to steal in; to insinuate itself or oneself.
v ru To slip, or to become slightly displaced.
v ru To move or behave with servility or exaggerated humility; to fawn.
v ru To have a sensation as of insects creeping on the skin of the body; to crawl.
v ru To drag in deep water with creepers, as for recovering a submarine cable.
v ru To covertly have sex (with a person other than one's primary partner); to cheat with.
n ru The movement of something that creeps (like worms or snails)
n ru A relatively small gradual change, variation or deviation (from a planned value) in a measure.
n ru A slight displacement of an object: the slight movement of something
n ru The gradual expansion or proliferation of something beyond its original goals or boundaries, considered negatively.
christmas creep
feature creep
instruction creep
mission creep
n ru In sewn books, the tendency of pages on the inside of a quire to stand out farther than those on the outside of it.
n ru An increase in strain with time; the gradual flow or deformation of a material under stress.
n ru The imperceptible downslope movement of surface rock.
n ru Someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric.
n ru A frightening and/or disconcerting person, especially one who gives the speaker chills.
Stop following me, you creep!
n ru A barrier with small openings used to keep large animals out while allowing smaller animals to pass through.

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