crash — авария

терпеть крах
с грохотом


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n ru A sudden, intense, loud sound, as made for example by cymbals.
After the lightning came the crash of thunder.
The piece ended in a crescendo, building up to a crash of cymbals.
n ru An automobile, airplane, or other vehicle accident.
Nobody survived the plane crash
She broke two bones in her body in a car crash.
n ru A malfunction of computer software or hardware which causes it to shut down or become partially or totally inoperable.
My computer had a crash so I had to reboot it.
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n ru A sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures).
the stock market crash
n ru A comedown from a drug.
n ru (collective) A group of rhinoceroses.
v ru To collide with something destructively, fall or come down violently.
v ru To severely damage or destroy something by causing it to collide with something else.
I'm sorry for crashing the bike into a wall. I'll pay for repairs.
v ru (via gatecrash) To attend a social event without invitation, usually with unfavorable intentions.
We weren't invited to the party so we decided to crash it.
v ru To accelerate a project or a task or its schedule by devoting more resources to it.
v ru To make or experience informal temporary living arrangements, especially overnight.
Hey dude, can I crash at your pad?
v ru To give, as a favor.
v ru To lie down for a long rest, sleep or nap, as from tiredness or exhaustion.
v ru (hardware) To terminate extraordinarily.
If the system crashes again, we'll have it fixed in the computer shop.
v ru (hardware) To cause to terminate extraordinarily.
Double-clicking this icon crashes the desktop.
v ru To experience a period of depression and/or lethargy after a period of euphoria, as after the euphoric effect of a psychotropic drug has dissipated.
v ru To hit or strike with force
v ru (of a patient's condition) To take a sudden and severe turn for the worse; to rapidly deteriorate.
v ru To make a sudden loud noise.
Thunder crashed directly overhead.
adj ru Quick, fast, intensive, impromptu.
crash diet
n ru (fibre) A type of rough linen.

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