craft — ремесло



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n ru Strength; power; might; force .
n ru Intellectual power; skill; art.
n ru (obsolete in the general sense) A work or product of art .
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n ru A device, a means; a magical device, spell or enchantment .
n ru Learning of the schools, scholarship; a branch of learning or knowledge, a science, especially one of the ‘seven liberal arts’ of the medieval universities .
n ru Skill, skilfulness, art, especially the skill needed for a particular profession .
The craft of writing plays.
n ru (plural crafts) A branch of skilled work or trade, especially one requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill, but sometimes applied equally to any business, calling or profession; the skilled practice of a practical occupation .
He learned his craft as an apprentice.
The carpenter's craft.
n ru A trade or profession as embodied in its practitioners collectively; the members of a trade or handicraft as a body; an association of these; a trade's union, guild, or ‘company’ .
She represented the craft of brewers.
n ru (plural craft) A vehicle designed for navigation in or on water or air or through outer space .
n ru Implements used in catching fish, such as net, line, or hook. Modern use primarily in whaling, as in harpoons, hand-lances, etc. .
v ru To make by hand and with much skill.
v ru To construct, develop something (like a skilled craftsman).
state crafting; the process of crafting global policing
v ru To combine multiple items to form a new item, such as armour or medicine.

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