court — суд



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n ru An enclosed space; a courtyard; an uncovered area shut in by the walls of a building, or by different buildings; also, a space opening from a street and nearly surrounded by houses; a blind alley.
The girls were playing in the court.
n ru (social) Royal society.
n ru Attention directed to a person in power; behaviour designed to gain favor; politeness of manner; civility towards someone
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n ru The administration of law.
n ru A place arranged for playing the games of tennis, basketball, squash, badminton, volleyball and some other games
The local sports club has six tennis courts and two squash courts.
The shuttlecock landed outside the court.
v ru To seek to achieve or win.
He was courting big new accounts that previous salesman had not attempted.
v ru To risk (a consequence, usually negative).
He courted controversy with his frank speeches.
v ru To try to win a commitment to marry from.
v ru To engage in behavior leading to mating.
The bird was courting by making an elaborate dance.
v ru To attempt to attract.
v ru To attempt to gain alliance with.
v ru To engage in activities intended to win someone's affections.
She's had a few beaus come courting.
v ru To engage in courtship behavior.
In this season, you can see many animals courting.
v ru To invite by attractions; to allure; to attract.

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