couple — пара

пара сил


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n ru Two partners in a romantic or sexual relationship.
n ru Two of the same kind connected or considered together.
n ru A small number.
Еще значения (8)
n ru One of the pairs of plates of two metals which compose a voltaic battery, called a voltaic couple or galvanic couple.
n ru Two forces that are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction (and acting along parallel lines), thus creating the turning effect of a torque or moment.
n ru A couple-close.
n ru That which joins or links two things together; a bond or tie; a coupler.
v ru To join (two things) together, or (one thing) to (another).
I've coupled our system to theirs.
Now the conductor will couple the train cars.
v ru To join in wedlock; to marry.
v ru To join in sexual intercourse; to copulate.
adj ru Two or (a) small number of.

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