counter — счетчик



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n ru One who counts
He's only 16 months, but is already a good counter – he can count to 100.
n ru A reckoner; someone who collects data by counting; an enumerator.
n ru An object (now especially a small disc) used in counting or keeping count, or as a marker in games, etc.
He rolled a six on the dice, so moved his counter forward six spaces.
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n ru A telltale; a contrivance attached to an engine, printing press, or other machine, for the purpose of counting the revolutions or the pulsations.
n ru A variable, memory location, etc. whose contents are incremented to keep a count.
n ru A hit counter.
n ru A table or board on which money is counted and over which business is transacted
He put his money on the counter, and the shopkeeper put it in the till.
n ru A shop tabletop on which goods are examined, weighed or measured.
n ru In a kitchen, a surface, often built into the wall and above a cabinet, designed to be used for food preparation.
n ru In a bathroom, a surface, often built into the wall and above a cabinet, which holds the washbasin.
n ru Any stone lying closer to the center than any of the opponent's stones.
n ru The prison attached to a city court; a compter.
n ru (grammar) A class of word used along with numbers to count objects and events, typically mass nouns. Although rare and optional in English (e.g. "20 head of cattle"), they are numerous and required in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
n ru A deal to swap goods or services.
n ru A conservative; originally tied to Nicaraguan counter-revolutionaries.
n ru An entry (or account) that cancels another entry (or account).
The sum for each contra account is shown in the last column.
a contra position; a contra entry
n ru Any of the musical instruments in the contrabass range, e.g. contrabassoon, contrabass clarinet or, especially, double bass.
n ru A contra dance.
n ru A country dance.
n ru Something opposite or contrary to something else.
n ru A proactive defensive hold or move in reaction to a hold or move by one's opponent.
Always know a counter to any hold you try against your opponent.
n ru The overhanging stern of a vessel above the waterline, below and somewhat forward of the stern proper.
n ru The piece of a shoe or a boot around the heel of the foot (above the heel of the shoe/boot).
n ru The breast of a horse; that part of a horse between the shoulders and under the neck.
n ru The enclosed or partly closed negative space of a glyph.
n ru An encounter.
v ru To contradict, oppose.
v ru To return a blow while receiving one, as in boxing.
v ru To take action in response to; to respond.
v ru To encounter.
adj ru Contrary or opposing
His carrying a knife was counter to my plan.
adv ru Contrary, in opposition; in an opposite direction.
adv ru In the wrong way; contrary to the right course.
a hound that runs counter

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