could — в условных предложениях выражает реальную возможность


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v ru (auxiliary verb, defective) To know how to; to be able to.
She can speak English, French, and German.   I can play football.   Can you remember your fifth birthday?
v ru (modal auxiliary verb, defective) May; to be permitted or enabled to.
You can go outside and play when you're finished with your homework.   Can I use your pen?
v ru (modal auxiliary verb, defective) To have the potential to; be possible.
Animals can experience emotions.
Can it be Friday already?
Teenagers can really try their parents' patience.
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v ru (auxiliary verb, defective) Used with verbs of perception.
Can you hear that?.
I can feel the baby moving inside me.
v ru To know.
n ru Something that could happen, or could be the case, under different circumstances; a potentiality.

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