corn — кукуруза



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n ru The main cereal plant grown for its grain in a given region, such as oats in parts of Scotland and Ireland, and wheat or barley in England and Wales.
n ru Maize, a grain crop of the species Zea mays.
n ru A grain or seed, especially of a cereal crop.
He paid her the nominal fee of two corns of barley.
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n ru A small, hard particle.
v ru To granulate; to form a substance into grains
to corn gunpowder
v ru To preserve using coarse salt, e.g. corned beef
v ru To provide with corn (typically maize; or, in Scotland, oats) for feed
Corn the horses.
v ru To render intoxicated
ale strong enough to corn one
n ru A type of callus, usually on the feet or hands.
n ru Something (e.g. acting, humour, music, or writing) which is deemed old-fashioned or intended to induce emotion.
n ru A type of granular snow formed by repeated melting and re-freezing, often in mountain spring conditions.

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