cop — полицейский



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n ru A spider.
v ru To obtain, to purchase (as in drugs), to get hold of, to take.
v ru To (be forced to) take; to receive; to shoulder; to bear, especially blame or punishment for a particular instance of wrongdoing.
When caught, he would often cop a vicious blow from his father
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v ru (trainspotting) To see and record a railway locomotive for the first time.
v ru To steal.
v ru To adopt.
v ru To earn by bad behavior.
v ru (usually with “to”) to admit, especially to a crime.
Harold copped to being known as "Dirty Harry".
I already copped to the murder. What else do you want from me?
v ru For a pimp to recruit a prostitute into the stable.
n ru (law enforcement) A police officer or prison guard.
n ru (crafts) The ball of thread wound on to the spindle in a spinning machine.
n ru The top, summit, especially of a hill.
n ru The crown (of the head); also the head itself.
The stature is bowed down in age, the cop is depressed.
n ru A tube or quill upon which silk is wound.
n ru A merlon.

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