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n ru A person who prepares food.
I'm a terrible cook, so I eat a lot of frozen dinners.
n ru The head cook of a manor house
n ru The degree or quality of cookedness of food
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n ru One who manufactures certain illegal drugs, especially meth.
Police found two meth cooks working in the illicit lab.
n ru A session of manufacturing certain illegal drugs, especially meth.
n ru A fish, the European striped wrasse, Labrus mixtus.
v ru To prepare (food) for eating by heating it, often by combining it with other ingredients.
I'm cooking bangers and mash.
v ru To prepare (unspecified) food for eating by heating it, often by combining it with other ingredients.
He's in the kitchen, cooking.
v ru To be cooked.
The dinner is cooking on the stove.
v ru To be uncomfortably hot.
Look at that poor dog shut up in that car on a day like today - it must be cooking in there.
v ru To execute by electric chair.
v ru To hold onto (a grenade) briefly after igniting the fuse, so that it explodes almost immediately after being thrown.
v ru To concoct or prepare.
v ru To tamper with or alter; to cook up.
v ru To play or improvise in an inspired and rhythmically exciting way. (From 1930s jive talk.)
Crank up the Coltrane and start cooking!
Watch this band: they cook!
v ru To play music vigorously.
On the Wagner piece, the orchestra was cooking!
v ru To make the noise of the cuckoo.
v ru To throw.

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