conclude — заключать

делать вывод


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v ru To end; to come to an end.
The story concluded with a moral.
v ru To bring to an end; to close; to finish.
v ru To bring about as a result; to effect; to make.
to conclude a bargain
Еще значения (6)
v ru To come to a conclusion, to a final decision.
From the evidence, I conclude that this man was murdered.
v ru To make a final determination or judgment concerning; to judge; to decide.
v ru To shut off; to restrain; to limit; to estop; to bar; generally in the passive.
A judgment concludes the introduction of further evidence.
The defendant is concluded by his own plea.
v ru To shut up; to enclose.
v ru To include; to comprehend; to shut up together; to embrace.
v ru To deduce, to infer (develop a causal relation)

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