command — команда



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n ru An order to do something.
I was given a command to cease shooting.
n ru The right or authority to order, control or dispose of; the right to be obeyed or to compel obedience.
to have command of an army
n ru Power of control, direction or disposal; mastery.
England has long held command of the sea
a good command of language
he had command of the situation
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n ru A position of chief authority; a position involving the right or power to order or control.
General Smith was placed in command.
n ru The act of commanding; exercise or authority of influence.
n ru A body or troops, or any naval or military force, under the control of a particular officer; by extension, any object or body in someone's charge.
n ru Dominating situation; range or control or oversight; extent of view or outlook.
n ru A directive to a computer program acting as an interpreter of some kind, in order to perform a specific task.
n ru The degree of control a pitcher has over his pitches.
He's got good command tonight.
n ru A command performance.
v ru To order, give orders; to compel or direct with authority.
The king commanded his servant to bring him dinner.
The soldier was commanded to cease firing.
v ru To have or exercise supreme power, control or authority over, especially military; to have under direction or control.
to command an army or a ship
v ru To require with authority; to demand, order, enjoin.
he commanded silence
v ru To dominate through ability, resources, position etc.; to overlook.
Bridges commanded by a fortified house.
v ru To exact, compel or secure by influence; to deserve, claim.
A good magistrate commands the respect and affections of the people.
Justice commands the respect and affections of the people.
The best goods command the best price.
This job commands a salary of £30,000.
v ru To hold, to control the use of.
The fort commanded the bay.
v ru To have a view, as from a superior position.
v ru To direct to come; to bestow.

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