colored — цветной



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v ru To give something color.
We could color the walls red.
v ru To apply colors to the areas within the boundaries of a line drawing using colored markers or crayons.
My kindergartener loves to color.
v ru (of a person or their face) To become red through increased blood flow.
Her face colored as she realized her mistake.
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v ru To affect without completely changing.
That interpretation certainly colors my perception of the book.
v ru To attribute a quality to; to portray (as).
Color me confused.
They tried to colour the industrial unrest as a merely local matter.
v ru To assign colors to the vertices of a graph (or the regions of a map) so that no two vertices connected by an edge (regions sharing a border) have the same color.
Can this graph be 2-colored?
You can color any map with four colors.
n ru A colored person.
n ru (laundry) A colored article of clothing.
adj ru Having a color.
Wash colored items separately from whites and darks to prevent the colors from bleeding.
adj ru Having a particular color or kind of color.
The room was red, with a dark-colored rug.
adj ru Having prominent colors; colorful.
The singer wore a colored shirt.
adj ru Influenced pervasively but subtly.
My opinions are colored by my upbringing.
adj ru Of skin color other than white; in particular, black.
adj ru Of neither black nor white skin color.
Most of the colored community speaks Afrikaans, whereas languages like Xhosa or Venda are typically spoken by blacks and English is spoken mostly by whites.
adj ru Designated for use by colored people (in either the US or South African sense).
a colored drinking fountain
a colored hospital

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