collapse — крах



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n ru The act of collapsing.
She suffered a terrible collapse after slipping on the wet floor.
n ru Constant function, one-valued function (in automata theory) (in particular application causing a reset).
v ru To break apart and fall down suddenly; to cave in.
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v ru To cease to function due to a sudden breakdown; to fail suddenly and completely.
Pyramid schemes tend to generate profits for a while and then collapse.
v ru To fold compactly.
v ru To hide additional directory (folder) levels below the selected directory (folder) levels. When a folder contains no additional folders, a minus sign (-) appears next to the folder.
v ru For several batsmen to get out in quick succession
v ru To cause something to collapse.
Hurry up and collapse the tent so we can get moving.
v ru To pass out and fall to the floor or ground, as from exhaustion or other illness; to faint.
The exhausted singer collapsed on stage and had to be taken to the hospital.

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