clock — часы



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n ru An instrument used to measure or keep track of time; a non-portable timepiece.
n ru The odometer of a motor vehicle.
This car has over 300,000 miles on the clock.
n ru An electrical signal that synchronizes timing among digital circuits of semiconductor chips or modules.
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n ru The seed head of a dandelion.
n ru A time clock.
I can't go off to lunch yet: I'm still on the clock.
We let the guys use the shop's tools and equipment for their own projects as long as they're off the clock.
n ru A CPU clock cycle, or T-state.
v ru To measure the duration of.
v ru To measure the speed of.
He was clocked at 155 miles per hour.
v ru To hit (someone) heavily.
When the boxer let down his guard, his opponent clocked him.
v ru To take notice of; to realise; to recognize someone or something
A trans person may be able to easily clock other trans people.
Clock the wheels on that car!
He finally clocked that there were no more cornflakes.
v ru To falsify the reading of the odometer of a vehicle.
I don't believe that car has done only 40,000 miles. It's been clocked.
v ru To beat a video game.
Have you clocked that game yet?
n ru A pattern near the heel of a sock or stocking.
v ru To ornament (e.g. the side of a stocking) with figured work.
n ru A large beetle, especially the European dung beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius).
v ru To make the sound of a hen; to cluck.
v ru To hatch.

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