clean — чистый



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n ru Removal of dirt.
This place needs a clean.
n ru The first part of the event clean and jerk in which the weight is brought from the ground to the shoulders.
v ru To remove dirt from a place or object.
Can you clean the windows today?
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v ru To tidy up, make a place neat.
Clean your room right now!
v ru To remove equipment from a climbing route after it was previously lead climbed.
v ru To make things clean in general.
She just likes to clean. That’s why I married her.
v ru To remove unnecessary files, etc. from (a directory, etc.).
v ru To brush the ice lightly in front of a moving rock to remove any debris and ensure a correct line; less vigorous than a sweep.
v ru To purge a raw of any blemishes caused by the scanning process such as brown tinting and poor color contrast.
v ru To remove guts and/or scales of a butchered animal.
adj ru (heading, physical) Free of dirt or impurities or protruberances.
adj ru (heading, behavioural) Free of immorality or criminality.
adj ru Smooth, exact, and performed well
I’ll need a sharper knife to make clean cuts.  a clean leap over a fence
adj ru Total; utter. (still in "clean sweep")
adj ru Cool or neat.
Wow, Dude, those are some clean shoes ya got there!
adj ru (health) Being free of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
I want to make sure my fiancé is clean before we are married.
adj ru That does not damage the environment.
clean energy;  clean coal
adj ru Free from that which is useless or injurious; without defects.
clean land;  clean timber
adj ru Free from restraint or neglect; complete; entire.
adj ru Well-proportioned; shapely.
clean limbs
adj ru (of a route) Ascended without falling.
adv ru Fully and completely.
He was stabbed clean through.
You must be clean mad.

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